with fuse replacement

  • TMC-2001RTS firmware versions lower than version V2.40 must be reprogrammed and recalibrated by us for an update.
  • In some applications, the total voltage of a battery system can exceed the rated voltage of the TMC-2001RTS of 600VDC. With a battery consisting of 50 x 12V blocks connected in series, for example, a total voltage of up to 720VDC is quickly reached during float condition. When measuring the total voltage, the internal fuse can be triggered if a test lead is accidentally connected to the P+ input. In order to achieve the necessary breaking capacity in this voltage range, we offer to replace the fuse installed in the TMC-2001RTS. The previous fuse will be replaced by a fuse with the specification 2A/1000VDC/30kA free of charge. The minimum block voltage for resistance measurement after this replacement is 1.5VDC.

Special prices:

  • Firmware update and factory calibration without certificate for EUR 50,-/unit.
  • Firmware update and factory calibration with certificate for EUR 100,-/unit.
  • Fuse replacement without an update (no cost).

Please send us only the measuring device without case and accessories, well packed to:

G. Jost – electronic

Larstr. 55

53844 Troisdorf