Managing several hundred battery systems creates logistical problems for many users:

1) The battery databases must be maintained and managed on a PC.

2) The recorded measured values must be clearly assigned to the correct battery during the recording of the measured values.

Our TMC-2001 mobile battery testers provide the user with many useful aids. For example, a complete PC battery database can be transferred directly to the TMC-2001.

The TMC-2001RTS/TEC comes with a transponder system as standard. The only addition is a small round disc with a diameter of 50 mm (the so-called world tag) which is attached to each battery system. If a TMC-2001 is held at a distance of approx. 3-6 cm above such a world tag, the battery system is identified automatically and without contact. The TMC-2001 assigns the world tag to the battery system.

The transponder system is very easy to use and can be integrated into your personal battery management system with little effort thanks to our CS-Manager software.