Battery tester TMC-2001RTS

The TMC-2001RTS was developed for the everyday tasks of demanding battery maintenance.

In addition to a very precise voltage measurement, a meaningful resistance measurement has been integrated, which can finally measure the electrochemical resistance of a battery block in addition to the internal electrical resistance. Of course, block voltages (±24VDC, resolution 0.0001V) and the total battery voltage can be measured up to ±600VDC (resolution 0.001V).

All recorded measured values can be viewed on site. If desired, individual measured values can be easily re-measured at a later date.

Users of the battery tester TMC-2001RTS can download our free battery management software (BMS) CS-Manager. Complete databases (e.g. 1000 battery definitions) can be transferred to the TMC. The integrated RFID transponder function effectively supports the selection of the battery system to be tested. In this case, the device is simply held over an RFID tag and then automatically selects the battery. There is no need to scroll through sometimes hundreds of battery entries.

Intuitive user guidance makes it easy to take measurements on site.
Once the measured values have been transferred to our battery management software, various graphical and tabular analysis options are available. Of course, csv exports (directly from the battery tester) and informative reports can be created.

The system is completed by an infrared-interface and an integrated RFID transponder function. The tester can be equipped with an optional Bluetooth interface.

The housing dimensions are just:

150mm x 98mm x 33m

Functions for measured value recording:

  • Multimeter
  • Float
  • Discharge
  • Charge
  • Resistance
  • Temperature
  • Density
  • Interval U
  • Interval U+I


New Kelvin-Probes

Kelvin-probes for TMC-2001RTS

Adjustable contact length (4mm/11mm)

Transponder Tags

Transponder-Tags for TMC-2001RTS